Impossible Foods

SCOPE: art direction, set design, PHOTOGRAPHY

Summer Grilling for Impossible Foods. We were tasked with creating backyard grill parties in studio- including the addition of a swimming pool! We worked closely with Impossible Food’s in house creative team to come up with these little fantasy grilling moments. We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoy this gherkin driving a speedboat!

Additional credits
johanna lowe | food styling
ian mayo | food styling assist
dom cordilla | prop styling
lucy angel | prop assist
zach vitale | retouching

Stills and stop motion for the launch of Impossible Foods’ new product, Wild Nuggies™. Each of the Wild Nuggies™ represents a species endangered by climate change: the Black Rhino, North Atlantic Right Whale, Polar Bear, and the Galápagos Tortoise. We got a little carried away and made four little food based worlds for each of the animals to live in. Since each animal is from a different part of the world, naturally they would only be seen together while riding in a hot air balloon around the globe.

Additional credits
angela finney | set designer
zach vitale | retouching 



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